Invitation-only, on-site computer repair in Houston, Texas

It’s not easy to find a quality on-site computer repair service. There are plenty of people out there who will connect to your computer remotely and perform repairs for half what we charge. But here is what they won’t be able to do.

We sit with you, work with you, to think, solve, and educate.
We listen to your computer, too; there are distinctive sounds that certain failing parts make that aren’t audible to the remote technician. Better to head off trouble and save your data now than wait for total failure later.
We may borrow a vacuum and clean out the computer if it is clogged with dust, or absent-mindedly
remove crud from the bottom of your mouse, leaving you with smoother, more reliable action.
A quick touch of the cables or a glance at your modem’s LED lights while we work could save you
hours of tedium on the phone with an earnest call center employee who must run you through a list
of things to check.
We’re your first and second level support, and we cheerfully cross over from one product line or gadget to another to make it all work.

Add to that decades of experience, plus a streak of paranoia that helps us take the security of your data
seriously, and we hope you will conclude that our service remains, as always, second to none.

-Charles Peklenk.
Owner and tech

Computer Services

Includes diagnosis & repair, upgrades, virus removal, password resets, and much more.

Our standard rate is $75.00 per hour, or $70.00 per hour for immediate payment (cash discount).
State and local taxes apply.

Tutoring Services

We’ll show you how to set it up, get it working, and make it do what YOU want. Make the most of your computer, entertainment system, or other devices.

Our standard rate is $40.00 per hour, or $35.00 per hour for immediate payment (cash discount). Tutoring is tax-exempt.

All of the above are in-home or on-site services, with free pick-up and delivery if required.
Time is billed in half-hour increments, with a minimum charge of one-half hour.
The average visit is billed at 2 hours, and may include multiple services.
In very rare cases we may require a travel fee based on mileage.